Summer 2022 Guided Hikes

Enjoy a great week in Seiser Alm in the heart of the Dolomites. Everyone will find a suitable excursion in our programme, from an easy hike in the Alps to a challenging rout reaching a mountain peak.

You will experience an unforgettable adventure in breathtaking nature places both with our friendly guide Rene and our event partner Alps Aktiv.


Easy hike with our guide Renè:

  • Week 1: “The pond of Fiè and Tuffalm “
  • Week 2: “Bulla Geotrail”
  • Week 3: “Die Hexenbänke” (witches’ benches) in Seiser Alm

Alps Activ Tours:

  • „Panoramic hike“ in Seiser Alm


Alps Active Tours:

  • „Sunrise on Puflatsch“
  • St. Valentin – Marinzen Schafstall


Panoramic tour with our guide Renè:

  • Week 1: Hirzelweg and lake Carezza in the Rosengarten massif
  • Week 2: Raschötzer trail in Puez-Geisler Nature Park
  • Week 3: Seiser Schneiden

Alps Activ Tours:

  • Sciliar, a symbol of South Tyrol


Panoramic tour with our guide Renè:

  • Week 1: Schnürlsteig Geotrail – Filln Kreuz
  • Week 2: Hans and Paola Steger trail
  • Week 3: Stevia in Puez-Geisler Nature Park


Alps Activ Tours:

  • Tiers – Tschafon – the pond of Fiè


Alps Activ Tours:

  • Tschamin – Denti di Terra Rossa (Horse Teeth Mountains)  –  Seiser Alm

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